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Welcome to The Healthyish Bish...

I have died once and have had 2 other very close calls with death... Now that I have your attention!

Don't worry, we will come back to that very dramatic information with backstories soon! My name is Amanda and this lil fluff ball is Corellia. I am a Georgia girl from a very small town known for it's Peanut Festival, currently residing in Tampa Bay with my fiancé, two pups, and bonus daughter! I am an epileptic just trying to live her best life with a TBI. As a health + wellness coach, I live and promote a healthy-ish lifestyle. While health is important somethings are just too good to give up completely! Ya know? For me, bread is a non-negotiable and luckily, or unluckily, my fiancé started making his own bread and that has been a game changer!

Now, back to that attention grabber. My due date was sometime in February, but I was so ready to come into this world I decided to come on January 1st right in the middle of my dad's football game! Because I do things on my time 🤪! Shortly after I was born, my dad noticed that my lil feet had started to turn blue and I was not breathing...died right in my dad's arms. Clearly, they were able to bring me back, y'all aren't talking to a ghost. This is when they realized I had a heart condition and my parents needed to take me to a specialist. This amazing specialist told my parents that I would NEVER be an active kid or adult, that physical activity would be difficult for me, and to play it safe and take it easy. Well, my dad was not about that life and told my mom that they would let me set my limits. While I was growing up my parents taught me to listen to my body, take breaks when I needed and jump back in when I was ready. They allowed me to set my limits with sports and I was a ballerina, gymnast, cheerleader, and dancer - I even joined the Air Force. My heart condition is still very much around and does act up every now and then. Luckily, over the years it has become much easier to manage. 🤘🏼

This was the most important life lesson my parents have ever taught me and has helped me all throughout my life.

My goal is to use this lesson to help others push through their own obstacles to reach their health + wellness goals. This blog will be filled with dark humor, tips and tools on how to manage your mental health, fun diagnoses stories, stories from our chaotic life 🤪, health tips, card pulling, yoga info, nutrition information, and more. This blog will be expanding to provide services this year, too! We are going to learn, grow, and have fun doing it! 🤘🏼

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