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Hey guys, let’s go to the barre!

Barre, you mean like ballet? Yes, just like that. Did you think it was a typo and you were going to see shots lined up?

Okay…I’m not what you would call the most graceful person in the world. So it will probably come as a surprise to anyone that knows me that I have taken barre classes on BeachBody. So, let’s take this time to tell you all a story about how I came to barre and what it has done for me.

Years before, I was able to get in shape through running. I was at my highest at the time of 211 and got myself down to 185. I kept this up for several years before I had an unhealthy drop in weight and then gained weight. I eventually got up to my heaviest of 250 lbs. I joined a gym that I have been going for a few years, and even though I was feeling stronger, I wasn’t making any substantial progress around my gut. It was definitely frustrating.

Fast forward a bit to this past fall, Amanda was transitioning into a health a wellness coach and signed up through BeachBody. She asked if I would like to join her for a yoga session and it turned into the 3 Week Yoga Retreat. I ended up really enjoying it and joined myself. One of the trainers that we really liked during this program was Elise Joan and it just so happened she had another great course that Amanda was planning on doing with her mom, Barre Blend. Elise had a great energy during yoga so that helped me connect with it a bit more. And even though the energy is different during Barre, it is still very genuine.

This program was no joke at 8 weeks long! It definitely seemed daunting but there are always modifiers you can do to the work (or intensifiers for those that really want to kick it up a notch!). And yeah, I was modifying most of the time but I still did the work

and sometimes I would turn up that dial. Barre is hard but it is also extremely gratifying when you start seeing results. You do movements that you would never use in your normal day to day to target very specific muscles. Barre helps with a lot though including:

  • Improve Balance

  • Build Strength

  • Make you more flexible

  • Burn Calories

  • Improve stability - stronger core (is this the same as balance)

  • Improves posture

I can say that I have seen these things in myself. And even though I’m not quite a prima ballerina yet, my balance is better, I’m standing up taller, and my gut is sticking out a little less. Even my balance has been seeing improvements. Balancing on my right foot has always been more difficult than my left. I’m finding now that I still may wobble and fall over but I am making it several more seconds. PROGRESS!!!!

It was also fun how annoyed AC would get with me early on in the program where Elise would be telling us to take up space and I would barely move. “MORE SPACE!!” is what I would be hearing from behind me as I was hardly lunging. And then finally correcting myself moving out several more inches and getting that “there you go…space.”

I would definitely recommend this program to almost anybody. With the modifiers, anyone can find the workout they need in it. The program is built into several different classes which repeat each week, adding more to it each time. These classes were:

  • Classic Full Body

  • Booty

  • Cardio

  • Core

  • Lean Legs

So what are you waiting for, grab a chair or stool and get on BeachBody and take this great program with Elise Joan. And for those that think it’s not for them or guys thinking that it’s just for women: It takes a lot of strength to look that graceful.

I’ll see you at the barre.

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