About thehealthyishbish

Why I Write

So here’s my story…Christmas Eve 2018 I had my first Grand Mal seizure after being told I never had to worry about them years prior when I was first diagnosed with epilepsy.  Fun right? I thought so.  Fast forward to a few months later in March 2019, I had a flurry a 3 Grand Mal seizures back to back. The first one caused me to get a TBI (traumatic brain injury) by falling straight back in a movie theater concession line. The fun continues. Since then I’ve wanted to help those like me, which is why I created The Healthyish Bish. I want to encourage chronic illness and mental health patients to take control of their lives and manage their health and wellness. It’s not easy to get through all these diagnoses and I want to help your accountability through empowered and compassionate coaching. Join me to kick life in the ass.